Apple to allow adult content on App Store

The App Store carousel lights have been turned back on, the machine is well oiled, and it has started moving again. What, you have no idea what I am talking about? Think back to a month ago when Apple purged the App Store of 5,000 explicit applications which yes, included Wobble iBoobs.

Then came news that Steve Jobs and the Breast Bondage Videos boys at Cupertino were initiating an Explicit category on the App Store for developers to use to flag their applications as unsuitable for younger audiences. Those plans quickly fell through and Apple removed that function almost immediately.

I'm sure that pleased a lot of people in San Francisco of the creepy male variety.

Now it appears that Apple is bringing it back in a big way.

Apple Insider is reporting that Apple is now preparing to sell adult content that is separated from other content and linked to parental controls.

From the report:

Links to new "explicit software" categories in iTunes indicate that Apple plans to finally deliver adult content for both the iPad and for existing iPhone OS devices, segregated from other content with parental controls in the same way that iTunes has long sold music with explicit lyrics.

As of right now, and you might be on my wavelength, I am kind of befuddled about what they mean by adult content? Is this just a reinstatement of the banned apps to a new Explicit category? Or this going to be the introduction of a full on, regulated, pornography section?

I guess we'll find out in a few days, won't we?

What do you think iPhone owners in San Francisco? Good policy or bad? Reinstatement or full on porn?

Chime in.

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