Hackaday Links: January 19, 2014

We'd prefer to understand a lot more concerning the blue substrate about his circuit board!
This site seems being a little creepy, however the teardrop shaped 3D published audio box which can be becoming proven off can be actually rather neat.
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Hackaday Links: January 19, 2014

Hackaday Alum [Phil Burgess] threw together a new point and also shoot camera with regard to Adafruit. It's the Raspberry Pi, camera board, touchscreen display, as well as USB battery almost all rubber banded together. the collection can end up being a free offering via Keithley. [Thanks Jake]

Since you're brushing up on your own own knowledge an individual may also always be interested in a online pertaining to free microcontroller course provided by UT Austin. He's revealing any PWM LED driver he construct around the 555 timer. the processing energy in the RPi can be utilized to add image processing effects which are proven off in the demo video.
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After seeing your BOM spreadsheet with KiCAD integration? a new number of weeks back, [Vassilis] sent in the link to his own Excel-based Bill of Supplies helper. We're questioning if anybody has a comparable tool which will still work together with Open Up Office?

We don't own the DeLorean. [Nick] wrote within to tell us regarding click here to be able to see his 1st blog post. If we did, we'd most likely keep for you to the lead involving Queen's university Belfast and also transform it directly into along with electric vehicle. after laser scanning your part can be milled via floral foam.

While we're about the subject involving downloadable documents, this can be a reference PDF regarding just about all forms of DC measurements. This project uses a large quantity of basics; a range of 555 experience, PCB etching, as well as surface mount soldering. [Thanks Buddy]. Here's a new hacked together proof-of-concept from? [Marcelo Ruiz]. They're targeting your Tiva C Launchpad because the dev board for that class.
The 3D photocopiers are usually coming

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