Zynga tests Bitcoin payments for seven online games

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108 updates toAll about Bitcoin: the rise and trials of an anonymous virtual currencyJan 4Zynga tests Bitcoin payments for seven online gamesJan 2Kanye West-themed Bitcoin clone said to launch this monthDec 31Why don't economists like Bitcoin?Dec 30Bitcoin miners don't have to register with the US governmentDec 27Indian feds raid Bitcoin exchange as other traders suspend serviceDec 23News anchor receives Bitcoin on TV only to have it promptly stolenDec 23Inside a $4 million Icelandic bitcoin-mining consortiumDec 21Online retailer Overstock.com plans to accept Bitcoin payments next yearDec 18Bitcoin's value tumbles in half after China forces top exchange to stop tradingDec 15Norway's government says Bitcoin isn't real moneyDec 13Casascius, maker of shiny physical bitcoins, shut down by Treasury DepartmentDec 12Dark money: only 35 Bitcoin dealers are compliant with US lawDec 12Bitcoin Foundation opens London office, announces Australia and Canada chaptersDec 6Lamborghini dealership starts accepting BitcoinDec 5Bank of America says Bitcoin could become a 'major means of payment'Dec 5Bitcoin banned from Chinese banks amid fears of launderingDec 2Online black market members hunt down $100 million in bitcoins, blame site owners for theftDec 2The secret Hong Kong facility that uses boiling goo to mine BitcoinsNov 29This Princeton professor is building a Bitcoin-inspired prediction marketNov 29Top Bitcoin exchange explains virtual currency in simple web tutorialNov 27Bitcoin hits $1,000 for the first timeNov 26Second major Bitcoin heist this month allegedly takes over $1 millionNov 22Richard Branson endorses Bitcoin, says Virgin Galactic will accept the virtual currencyNov 22'Bill and Ted' actor launches Kickstarter campaign for Bitcoin filmNov 21Federal Election Commission 'not ready' to approve campaign donations in BitcoinNov 21Bitcoiners announce virtual shopping deals for Bitcoin Black FridayNov 21Now you can pay college tuition with BitcoinNov 18Bitcoin hits $700 during surprisingly friendly Senate hearing on the virtual currencyNov 18Bitcoin-powered assassination market targets Obama, Bernanke, and othersNov 16New York State considers licensing Bitcoin tradersNov 8Over $1 million stolen from Bitcoin digital wallet service, claims site ownerNov 8Bitcoin could soon be approved for campaign donationsOct 313D-printed gun maker Cody Wilson is raising $50,000 for an anarchist Bitcoin walletOct 26The world's first Bitcoin ATM is coming to Canada next weekOct 25FBI reportedly seizes $28.5 million in bitcoin from Silk Road mastermindOct 4Someone found the FBI's Bitcoin wallet and now people are sending mean notes to itOct 2Bitcoin price nosedives after bust of underground drug market Silk RoadSep 25Bitcoin Booster: new fund aims to make the virtual currency a mainstream investmentSep 25'Get rich quick' scams hit BitcoinSep 20The hidden Bitcoin economy of Florida's 'homeless geeks'Sep 12Federal Election Commission considers whether to allow campaign donations in BitcoinAug 30Bitcoin-friendly Internet Credit Union suddenly dumps accounts, citing 'regulatory issues'Aug 26Bitcoin lobbyists host meet-and-greet with Homeland Security and other agencies todayAug 23US government seized $5 million from Bitcoin behemoth Mt. GoxAug 19Germany's ruling on Bitcoin paves the way for its legitimacy in the EUAug 14Silk Road manager says Bitcoin let it win the War on DrugsAug 11Bitcoin companies subpoenaed as New York financial regulators dig for answersAug 11Bitcoin developers say critical Android flaw leaves digital wallets vulnerable to theftAug 7Bitcoin is real money, says US district courtAug 3Bitcoin suitcase eats your pocket change, spits out digital currencyJul 29Bitcoin tries to become a legal currency in Thailand, gets outlawed insteadJul 24Man charged for running $4.5 million Bitcoin Ponzi schemeJul 11You can now bet on the sex of William and Kate's baby in BitcoinJul 1Winklevoss twins' Bitcoin trust aims to introduce investors to alternative currencyJul 1Bitcoin trader Mt. Gox registers as currency exchange to comply with US money laundering lawsJul 1Suspected 'hacker' who demanded $1 million in Bitcoins from Mitt Romney caught and chargedJun 26Drug Enforcement Administration seizes 11 Bitcoins from alleged Silk Road dealerJun 23California tells Bitcoin Foundation to stop trading or face a fineJun 20Mt. Gox, the largest Bitcoin exchange, suspends withdrawals in dollarsMay 30Treasury Department official says money laundering crackdown isn't part of an anti-Bitcoin campaignMay 21Why won't Bitcoin die?May 16Biggest Bitcoin exchange accused of violating US financial regulations, CEO faces fine or jailMay 15US seizes and freezes funds at biggest Bitcoin exchangeMay 6Four years and $100 million later, Bitcoin's mysterious creator remains anonymousMay 2Top Bitcoin exchange faces $75 million lawsuit as international partnership reportedly breaks downMay 2Employee creates Bitcoin botnet to exploit ESEA's 500,000-member gaming communityApr 23Gold 2.0: can code and competition build a better Bitcoin?Apr 17Bitcoin exchange BitFloor shuts its doors, promises to return everyone's moneyApr 16Dating site OKCupid wants to help Bitcoin users find loveApr 12Mt. Gox goes back offline as the Bitcoin exchange reveals 'huge' DDoS attack (update)Apr 11What's cooler than a million dollars? Winklevoss twins claim to own 1 percent of all BitcoinApr 11Largest Bitcoin exchange halts trading adult videos here after tumultuous price fluctuationsApr 10Bitcoin price fluctuates wildly after massive run-up, DDoS attacks reportedly to blame (update)Apr 5Phishing attacks hit users of Bitcoin banker Coinbase after data leaksApr 4Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox says technical problems are result of major DDoS attackApr 3Bitcoin service Instawallet 'suspended indefinitely' after hackApr 1Barons of Bitcoin: the Tokyo-based powerhouse that controls the world's virtual moneyMar 31'Listen to Bitcoin' generates soothing sounds for every Bitcoin transaction worldwideMar 30Total Bitcoin value passes $1 billionMar 28An optimistic theory of Bitcoin as a 'hedge against the entire global currency system'Mar 27Expensify now lets companies reimburse international employees in BitcoinMar 20Is the US government trying to regulate Bitcoin?Mar 12Technical problems cause Bitcoin to plummet from record high, Mt. Gox suspends depositsMar 8Hackers steal over $12,000 of Bitcoins from transaction broker BitinstantMar 4New Bitcoin-only electronics retailer hopes to undercut huge competitors like Amazon and NewEggFeb 28Bitcoin value reaches new all-time high against the dollar, continuing upward trend Feb 16Kim Dotcom teases new 'secure' and private Mega email, chat, voice, and video servicesFeb 14Reddit now accepting Bitcoin as a payment optionFeb 123-year-old releases new chips that 'mine' Bitcoins 50 times fasterJan 23Bitcoin-funded online casino turned a $572,000 profit after six months of operationJan 11Bitcoin punks go corporate at CESJan 4Online gambling sites adopt Bitcoin in an effort to circumvent the lawDec 7Bitcoin exchange gains clearance to operate as a real bank in FranceNov 28Total number of Bitcoins hits 10.5 million, production halves to stop inflationNov 21Online drug dealers back on Silk Road after mysterious two-week outageNov 16Miner problem: big changes are coming for Bitcoin's working classNov 15WordPress.com starts taking payment in BitcoinOct 1Can the Bitcoin Foundation build legitimacy for an outlaw currency?Sep 27Hacked Bitcoin exchange BitFloor back online, founder promises to repay stolen fundsSep 5Bitcoin exchange BitFloor suspends operations after $250,000 theftAug 27Suspected multi-million dollar Bitcoin pyramid scheme shuts down, investors revoltAug 22BitInstant officially announces Bitcoin-based debit card, says it will launch in eight weeksAug 22MasterCard denies Bitcoin debit card rumors (update)Aug 21BitInstant reportedly launching Bitcoin debit card within two months (update)Aug 15The Bernie Madoffs of Bitcoin? As market heats back up, virtual hedge funds claim fantastical profitsAug 10Bitcoin woes: users file lawsuit over $460k in missing fundsJul 16German art student builds Euro-to-Bitcoin vending machineFeb 14Bitcoin exchange Tradehill suspends trading, returns fundsNov 27Bitcoin: a look at a promise unfulfilled102 more updatesshow fewer updates
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